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INSTRUMENTAL (see lead sheet: www.creativewisdomministries.org)

THE EAGLE (a prayer warrior’s song)
(C)1998 Taveau D’Arcy All rights reserved CELEBRATION OF HIS WORD PUBLISHING
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1.I am soaring over valleys and mountains of defeat
Above my trying circumstance and the rocks that hurt my feet
I fly way above the hilltops on currents in the air,
Carried on the wings of God’s Spirit
while I’m on my knees in prayer

My vision’s clear, like the eagle
My mind’s renewed, my hope’s restored
My focus’ sharp, like the eagles
My peace has returned ‘cause I’m near Your heart.


2.When I come into Your presence, I come through many tears
You give me Your gentle presence, in exchange for all my fears
As I linger in Your presence, I feel You more and more
I cast my cares into Your hands and on Your wings I soar


3.When I feel Your mighty presence, and my mind is fixed on You
There is nothing that can reach me, When I’m soaring high with You
I come into Your chambers and I’m pressed close to Your heart
I’m soaring high on eagle’s wings, resting near Your heart.

(C) 1998 Taveau D’Arcy All rights reserved. www.ccli.com


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