IN YOUR PASSIONATE PRESENCE (You pour out Your glory)
© 2009 Taveau D’Arcy
All rights reserved under international copyright.
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  1. In Your passionate presence

You pour out Your glory

In Your infinite mercy

You unleash Your power

Mighty waves of refreshing

Now overtake me

I’m healed and cleansed

By the Blood of the Lamb.

  1. In Your passionate presence

You pour out new mercy

I stand in awe

Of Your amazing grace

When I see Your beauty

Your love overwhelms me

You cover my sins

By Your blood I’ m made whole.


Lord, I need your healing waters to cleanse, refresh and fill

You promise that I never have to beg, barter or steal

Your healing is free whenever I call

Your precious Son has already paid for it all

Lord I need your fountain, that never run’s dry,

I come to You now, You are my supply.

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Nothing can separate me from Your love, not powers of hell, sin or pride, ,I have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb, I want You always by my side.

  1. In Your passionate presence

You unleash Your power

I stand in awe of Your majesty

When I seek Your face

Your glory transforms me,

I’m healed and restored

By the blood of the Lamb.

© 2009 Taveau D’Arcy All copyrights reserved