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We’re hurtling thru eternity at a rapid rate of speed,
Past powers and principalities
Never knowing that they’re there
Most deny the spirit world,
‘Cause it’s powers are unseen,
They remain in a downward spiral
Til they make Jesus Christ their King


  1. So many are free falling, so empty and freefalling,
    They’re falling into eternity, never knowing why they’re here
    Simply freefalling, passing into eternity,
    Passing through their whole life and time,
    Never knowing who they are


Breaking sound barriers ,
Past the speed of light,
They’re going to meet their Maker,
Coming down hard at a rapid rate of speed
Unprepared to enter, where all is night.


  1. Are you free falling? Don’t go freefalling
    Don’t fall into eternity without calling out His Name,
    Stop your freefalling, don’t pass into eternity,
    Without knowing of His love for you,
    And that for you, all is well.


v. 3 So many are freefalling, Are you free falling?
Dont fall into eternity without knowing why you’re here.
Dont go freefalling, Don’t pass into eternity
Wasting all of your life and time, on a free fall to hell.

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